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Brand New News Network Founded in Battle Creek.

A brand new news network, dubbed "Izak News Network" was recently launched in Battle Creek, Michigan. INN has had an interview with the creator, when he had this to say-

"I have to say, starting up this news company has been quite something. I didn't expect what I had learned in my HTML web designing class to lead to me create a full fletched news organization, but I did, and I wouldn't regret it for one minute."

Local News Network has lost adequate funding to continue operations on their site.

It was devastating, said Izak, A creator of a local news origination. I didn't expect the company to plummet so fast- I mean, knowing that we started off with 0 funding and money didn't make me think for even a minute that we could ever fall through. he stated. Just as locals were excited for the launch of a new media company in the Battle Creek Area, a few lines down from the announcement to start the company on their website, was another article that stated they were closing due to no funding. Many people were assumed to have been disappointed by the fact of INN closing down, but what was most shocking was how fast it ceased operations. A definite random person that we interviewed that wasn't the owner of the company had this to say It was crazy that it crashed so fast, It was just so devastating to hear the news! I have no idea where I can get my up to date news anymore! In other news, INN will be closing down until further notice, and this will be the last article until posted otherwise, thank you for sticking around for our journey into the world of news!